Mineral Pools Orignins & Benefits

Mineral Waters –prized through the ages

Mineral water, historically, has long been sought after and the benefits enjoyed by many cicilizations since ancient times.

The acient Romans recognised the benefits of bathing, so much so that they built magnicent public baths, and in spreading their Empire into Britain they established well know bathing pavilions in Bath, England.

Throughout the centuries, mineral spas and pools have been enjoyed on many levels, cleansing, social and health benefits. As the years have gone by, there have been vast improvements to the access of the healing benefits of the natural mineral springs throughout the world.

Soluble minerals commonly found inclue: calcium carbonate, iron compounds, sodium and magnesium salts, sulphur compound and metals.

Once the natural make up of mineral water is established, it is then possible to understand the health benefits that may be derived from the water, by either drinking or bathing.

However, not everyone lives close the natural sources of these precious mineral water spas and pools, nor do they have the wealth required to visit them on a reqular basis to harness their natural healing propoerties.

Over the years the advancements in sanitizing the water have been varied, from the simple continuous flow of the natural spring water in Roman times, to chemical (Chlorine) and toward the end of the 20th Century, Salt water Chlorination , all in the attempt to achieve the freshest and safest water for all to enjoy.

Now that fresh, clean swimming water is accessable and more affordable for more people to enjoy on a daily basis. The notion to improve the health benefits of the water was the obvious next step.

Through the research into the composition of the natural spring waters provided by Mother Nature, we have come to a better understanding of the health benefits which can be derived from bathing in these mineral rich waters, and with wanting it to also be more accessable and affordable for domestic use.

Mineral Pool Salts blended for your swimming pool. As it is said that all life evolved from the sea, it is no surprise we find salt water the most natural medium in which to swim. Salt Chlorinators have long been used with Sodium Chloride (sea salt) to purify and sanitze water for swimming pools. The concentration of the salt is similar to that of the human tear drop, and therefore provides pool owners with an invigorating and comfortable swimming environment.

Mineral Pool Salts: a blend of Magnesium, Potassiym and Sodium. Sodium Chloride is an essential part of the body’s metabolism, protecting cell walls and assists in maintaining the body’s fluid and pH balance.

Potassium and Magnesium have well documented benefits for your health. Health benefits include an improvement to overall health and protection of cells against aging, protection against heat disease, lowering blod pressure and the health of your skin. Potassium, in conjuntion with Sodiumare is known, to increase muscle strength and lower anxiety and stress.

Mineral baths are regularly recommended when recuperating from surgery.

The disolved mineral salts can be benifical for skin inflamations such as exzema and psoriasis, as wellas reduce stiffness and inflamation in joints due to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Soaking away stress in a mineral bath by simply allowing the body to fully relax ove a period of time will; decrease the workload of the adrenal glands and restore balance to the endocrine system. As the adrenal glands produce stress hormones such as adrenaline, and under conditions of chronic stress, they work overtime, throwing the endocrine system out of balance.

Magnesium a mineral that is found in high concentration in the water of the Dead Sea, which was a primary destination since ancient times for those seeking the restorative powers of it’s mineral waters. Magnesium has been proven benficial for fluid preservation, stress relief, calming the nervous system and slows the aging of the skin.

Potassium, also found in the Dead Sea is beneficial for several reasons. Firstly being the key element to provide energyh to the body and secondly it helps to maintain skin moisture. Due to thee properies of posassiym, it is an important element to replenish in the body after strenuous exercise. Potassium also stimulates the nervous system and muscles.

Mineral Pool Salts do not evaporate or dissapate. Replacement is only required after your pool is dilutted with fresh water. Mineral pool salt blends are a great addition to new pools and can also be introduced to existing pools transforming them into a Mineral spa to be enjoyed. These minerals do not dissipate from sunlight or heat. The sanitzing effect is actually enhanced by sunlight and high temperatures.

Eliminate Irritation. No more dry skin or burning eyes, bleached or dameaged hair. No offensive chemical odours or allergic reactions. Swim in refreshing mineral water and enjoy soft and healthy skin.

Swimming and bathing regularly in a blended mineral salt pool will assist in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

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